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Titusville Area 2-Day Vacation Guide

It is said that a domino game between col. Henry Titus and Capt. rice resulted in this city getting its name and in the late 1800's the area around Titusville began to prosper.  Today, it is the county seat of government and the closest city to the Kennedy Space Center.  being neighbors with the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore allows visitors the chance to see over 300 species of birds, take a nature tour on the Indian River Lagoon, kayak to a bird rookery island or hike an ancient coastal ridge.  From hotels to bed & breakfast to campgrounds.  Titusville offers many choices to its visitor.  some of the best inshore fishing in the whole state is found here as well as a historic downtown district offering shopping and eclectic eateries.

Day 1 Vacation Activities

Launch into a vacation experience that's truly out of this world as you begin your tour of the Kennedy Space Center visitor Complex, located on State Route 405.  Walk through a rocket garden, experience a simulated shuttle launch, visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame, watch spacey IMAX movies, or even have lunch with a real astronaut!  Continue your exploration of outer space with a tour of the US Space Walk of Fame Museum.  A one of a kind museum dedicated solely to space exploration.  Here you'll have the opportunity to view hundreds of rare photos, flight suits, shuttle tiles, bronzed handprints of Apollo and shuttle astronauts and other space memorabilia. Once you're ready to come back down to earth, head over to the American Police Hall of Fame, the nation's first museum established in honor of our nation's law enforcement.  Try your hand at solving a crime, feel what it's like to face the electric chair, or hone your skills in their indoor gun ranges. Since you're in the area, it doesn't make any sense not to try rock shrimp by the folks who discovered it at Historic Dixie Crossroads.  "The home of rock shrimp" (the shrimp that tastes like lobster).  Despite its own fishing fleet and fresh catch offered up daily, Dixie Crossroads also has great tasting char-grilled steaks and a full bar.  Although Titusville isn't exactly "the city that never sleeps", Titusville does offer visitors a truly unique after hour dark water experience with the ever popular Black Night/Cold Light Bioluminescence Night Tour.  See how everything from the swirl of your paddle or the trail of a school of speeding mullet to the ghostly glow of a slow moving manatee or stingray produces light!

Day 2 Vacation Activities

Day two of your trip offers you the opportunity to go green by exploring nature at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  Over 500 species of wildlife, many which are on the federally threatened or endangered list, call the refuge home.  It's hard not to get back to nature in this national habitat consisting of over 140,000 acres of brackish estuaries and marshes, coastal dunes, scrub oaks, pin forests and flatwoods, and palm and oak hammocks.  After exploring Mother Nature, take off into the wild blue yonder with a tour of the Valiant Air command Warbird Musem.  Responsible for hosing one of Florida's greatest air shows, The Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum is also the home of 350 vintage war planes including Flying Tigers and C-47 Transports, maintained in top flight condition.  Your tour will also breeze by eras of military aviation from Sopwith Camel bi-plane days through the P-51 Mustang warships of World War II.  Since vintage seems to be the order of the day, try lunch at Moon Light drive-In diner.  At Moon Light you'll literally be transported back in time as you indulge in their tasty chilidogs, burgers and fries all from the seat of your car!

If you need to walk off that fabulous lunch how about a Walking tour & Shopping in Historic Downtown Titusville.  Dating back to 1888 until the collapse of the Florida land boom in 1926, Historic Downtown Titusville is a beautifully preserved shopping district that's sure to whet the most experienced shopper's and history buff's appetite.  Now that you've probably worked up a healthy appetite, quench it a Paul's Smokehouse Restaurant and P.W.'s Lounge.  In business since 1975, Paul's Smokehouse has quickly become a veritable institution for its mouthwatering food and breathtaking views of the Indian River.

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