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Identity Theft Is On The Rise Prompting More Demand for TrustedID Services

The biggest data breach ever disclosed was announced Tuesday, January 20th. A major payment processor, which claims that 40% of their processed transactions are from restaurants across the country, admitted that tens of millions of credit and debit card transactions were compromised. This data breach disclosure event follows two other data breach events in 2008 in which over 5 million credit and debit accounts were compromised. Scary stuff, right?

Fortunately, there is a new breed of companies like TrustedID that can offer you peace of mind from identity theft. With the IDFreeze® identity theft protection service, TrustedID has successfully protected thousands of individuals since 2007. IDFreeze offers 15 points of protection from identity theft, including monitoring of credit and debit cards, banking accounts, Social Security numbers - information that may have been breached - and alert you if that information is being used in appropriately. TrustedID also offers protections such as fraud flag placements that prevent anyone from opening a line of credit without explicit approval, anti-spyware software to protect your online activity, protection of your medical benefits, lost wallet protection, and free annual credit reports. All these innovative services are supported by the TrustedID On-Call protection specialists and backed by a $1,000,000 service warranty. For more information, please visit the TrustedID website at for a copy of their product FAQ sheet.

TrustedID customers are extremely satisfied, loyal, and most importantly, protected. With individual and family plans that are offered in monthly and annual options, there is the right amount of coverage for all everyone! You able to obtain a 10% discount, making IDFreeze more affordable than ever.

Save 10% and protect your identity with a TrustedID Review

TrustedID’s® mission is to proactively protect consumers against identity theft, especially as identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. It's innovative flagship product – IDFreeze® - stops identity theft before it ever happens. Secured from identity theft by its 15 points of protection which includes protection for children, seniors, and medical records, over 97% of its customers are extremely satisfied, loyal, and most importantly, protected!

As someone experiences identity theft every two seconds, TrustedID’s services are in demand more than ever. With monthly and annual options for the trustedID Family and Individual plans, there is just the right amount of coverage for everyone!

TrustedID has an effective proactive solution to identity theft prevention that has been recognized and praised by The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Identity Theft Resource Center and The New York Times. TrustedID subscribers enjoy free spyware protection for their computers, fraud flag placements, junk mail reduction, medical record, personal and financial data scanning, free annual credit reports and the TrustedID $1,000,000 service warranty. Join the TrustedID program and  protect your credit and identity.


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