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Angie's List Review: How Can Angies List Help The Homeowner

AngiesList Background

Every second, thousands of people search the internet for service companies in their area, only to end up with a lousy service experience due to limited information. Angie's List takes the guesswork out of finding good service companies by providing its members with thousands of unbiased ratings and reviews of their local service companies.

Angie’s List was founded in 1995 to provide consumers with a centralized location of consumer experiences with local companies and contractors. As a for-profit organization, Angie’s List makes money by selling its list of consumer experiences to other consumers seeking advice and feedback on a particular service or product. It is in essence, a word-of-mouth network that allows individuals to leverage the experiences of past consumers in order to find top service providers and contractors in their area. Thus, the company’s main service is to collect consumer reviews of products and services and to process and rank those reviews based on a set of customer satisfaction ratings. The company only processes feedback from its own network of members. Therefore, consumers who are interested in finding good companies and contractors in their neighborhood are obligated to join in order to gain access to the list of reviews and feedback.

Angies List Membership Costs:

Individuals can join Angie’s List on a monthly basis or with an annual membership. The Angie’s List monthly membership plan is currently $6.95 per month. Its annual membership plan offers greater savings

Angie's List Annual Membership Plan *

$15.00 account activation fee applies

1 year$24.00 Save 71%

2 years$44.00 Save 74%

3 years $62.00 Save 75%

4 years $79.00 Save 76%

When people find Angies List, odds are good that they become active members of the angieslist community. Within a short span of 14 years, Angieslist has grown its membership base to over 1-million users from all corners of the United States.

Angie's List reviews a wide array of products ranging from Home Improvement (plumbers, electricians, roofers, and landscapers etc.) to Healthcare (primary care, pediatricians and dentists) to Pet Services (dog walkers and veterinarians) to Financial Services (accountants, financial planners, etc.) to Beauty Service Providers ( hair salons, day spas, etc.). With the help of Angie's List, consumers can quickly find the service provider they need to make an emergency repair to their car, complete a major home improvement project, or even plan a wedding or take the best care of their pet.

To review Angie's List in further detail or to find out more about the offerings from Angies List, visit

To access the Angies List database of reviews and unbiased ratings of local service companies, interested readers can join Angie's List with an annual membership. The reader can receive $10 discount on their annual membership fee by entering the discount coupon code SAVETEN during signup. A new angieslist promo code is now available. For a limited time, new customers can apply the code (LOCAL) to obtain a 15% discount on yearly angie's list membership cost.

Angieslist Promo Code

Use the promotional code 'LOCAL' to obtain a 15% discount on angieslist membership.

Angies List also offers a 110% money back guarantee on all of its annual membership.

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