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BlueHost Web Hosting Review

Blue Host currently supports over 1,150,000 domains on its servers.  It's customer base is big enough to catapult into the tier 1 classification that is normally reserved for web hosting behemoths such as 1and1 Internet, Hostgator and UK2NET.  The unique aspect of Blue Host that makes it stand-out from the rest of the tier 1 web hosting providers is that Bluehost is the only company that sells just one hosting plan. On top of that, Bluehost is one of a handful of hosting providers who will offer unlimited bandwidth for monthly website page loads and transfers.  Under most situations, the unlimited monthly file transfers do not have any impact on the regular-joe websites.  However, if you happen to have one of those regular-joe websites and you were lucky enough to build into a traffic magnet, then the unlimited bandwidth would be a great benefit for you.

Most hosting plans that are offered to the individual webmasters, to the small business or even to some medium-sized businesses, are typically hosted on a shared server.  This means that the individual website that you have in your possession is hosted on the same server as hundreds of other domains from other individuals and businesses.  The result of sharing a server is that you are sharing the same traffic lanes ( for lack of better words ) with the hundreds of other domains sitting on the same server.  As soon as your traffic increases beyond your allotted amount for the month, the web hosting provider will begin to charge you extra fees for the added bandwidth that it must dedicate to your website.  In some cases, we've heard of horror stories where the hosting provider would go as far as disable your website so that it is not placing a heavy burden on the server in question.  What this means for you is that you will lose the opportunity to make sales if your website has been disabled or is down.  In most cases, the hosting provider would try to coax you into leasing one of its dedicated servers or a virtual private server (VPS), where you would be given more bandwidth to use per month.  Of course, a dedicated server will cost you as much as $179/month compared to a shared hosting plan from BlueHost that only charges you $6.95/month. So to review Bluehost's offerings to its competition in terms of cost, it is a no-brainer.

Despite Bluehost's generosity in providing unlimited bandwidth usage, it is not doing it out of the goodness of its own heart.  Instead, it is banking on the probability that a huge percentage of domains that are hosted will not command a sizeable amount of traffic. Bluehost reviews the traffic details from each domain that is hosted on its servers and has already determined that most of these domains do not command a lot of traffic. Thus, the few sites that do require a huge bandwidth expense can be isolated and placed on Bluehost's "dedicated servers". But, instead of having to pay a huge sum of money for a dedicated server platform, gives it to you essentially for free.

A more detailed review of reveals that another unique aspect about the Bluehost hosting plan is that it will give you free private domain registration along with one free domain.  1&1 Internet is the other tier 1 hosting provider that also gives you free private domain registration.  Most other hosting companies would charge upwards of $10 per year for the private registration, in addition to the yearly registration of the domain itself.

Within these paragraphs, we only highlighted some of the unique features of the Blue Host web hosting service.  However, if you are interested in finding more information on Bluehost, please visit the following websites for more detailed reviews and analysis on Bluehost features:

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