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Commitment to Conservation at Animal Kingdom Park

Walt Disney once said, "Conservation isn't just the business of a few people.  It's a matter that concerns all of us."  Well, Walt's legacy is truly alive today as Disney's Animal Kingdom Park celebrates it 10 anniversary.  Take it from Dr. Beth Stevens, Senior Vice President, Environmental Affairs.  She's responsible for Disney's conservation efforts at the Park - and far beyond.  "In the last 10 years, we've become a recognized leader, locally and globally, for innovative programs in scientific research, education and conservation action," said Dr. Beth.

In the last decade, Disney's Animal Kingdom Park has successfully bred many endangered animals, including rhinos, gorillas, elephants and many rare birds.  The impact is left worldwide.  Disney flew three bongo antelope born at the Park to Kenya to help reestablish the population there.  And two rhinos born here were flown to Uganda in the first-ever reintroduction of white rhinos from the United States to Africa.

Cast Members are also making a difference closer to home.  Disney's veterinary pathologist assists with investigations related to disease in Florida panthers and black bears.  And key staff members have supervised a program to save endangered sea turtles in Vero Beach.

Conservation education is also part of the Park's mission.  Middle and high school students can take part in a learning program on current conservation dilemmas.  But education isn't confined to students.  All cast members at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park are trained to deliver conservation messages to guests.  In fact, a count of 3.5 million guest interactions are being logged every year.  As Dr. Beth puts it, "The Park is carrying on the legacy begun by Walt - conservation is everybody's responsibility at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park, not just the business of a few people."

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