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Helpful Air Travel Tips

When vacationing or traveling on business packing lighter is one solution to the problems and challenges of air travel.  Here are five easy ways to pack less and pack light.

1. Take Versatile Clothes

Take clothes that can be worn several times, such as a blazer worn on the plane that can also go casual with jeans or be dressed up for dinner.  Another practical piece is a denim shirt that can be worn as shirt of light jacket, or over sleepwear as a robe.  A different outfit for every day is a travel luxury, it's best to mix and match a few versatile pieces.

2. Pack Around Laundry Stops

Plan a mid-vacation break at a coin operated laundry.  That halfway stop will double your clothes options.  Invest in underclothes made of comfortable wicking fibers that can be washed in your hotel room and dried overnight.  Pack only three pairs: one to wear, one to wash and spare, and plan to do hand laundry.

3. Choose Thin Items over Thick

Alight turtleneck combined with a light sweater is a warmer, more versatile option and packs smaller than a sweatshirt or a bulky sweater.

4. Pack Only The Cosmetics Needed

Cosmetics often represent half the weight of a fully packed suitcase.  Buy sample-size cosmetics or transfer the amount needed to a small container.

5. Take Only Three Pairs of Shoes

Shoes are a very bulky item.  Wear one pair and pack two.


Certain items are deemed dangerous and can’t be carried on an airliner. Instead, they are allowed only in checked luggage. These items include:
• Knives and scissors of any length
• All sporting bats, sticks, clubs, cues, poles and spears
• Ammunition
• Compressed-air guns, stun guns and shocking devices
• Martial-arts and self-defense items


Sometimes you’ve got no choice. Here are some situations when it’s OK to resign yourself to checking luggage.
• You need to carry lots of equipment, beyond the carry-on limit.
• Your luggage is being handled for you by a tour company.
• You are traveling with small children and don’t want to (or can’t) deal with luggage, too.
• You are unable to handle your own luggage due to your or your traveling companion’s physical condition.
• You require bulky cold-weather clothing or gear.
• You are planning to shop and need lots of room for souvenirs.
• You are going on a formal business trip and need several suits and dresses.

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